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Everyone calls me Bill. I have been collecting coins since 1955, when I started out looking for the elusive 1955 Double Die Cent. I did manage to find 2 coins after having searched, what felt like, 50 billion rolls of cents. One coin went into the blue Whitman folder that contained the rest of my cent collection, the other was sold at a coin club meeting to a man I had just met by the name of Leland Rogers. He had already bought enough DD's to fill one roll, and mine was the ninth coin for the second roll.

By 1969, expecting a baby, I felt I needed some additional income. The local coin club was hosting a two day show, so I filled out an application and received a table. My first attempt at becoming a "coin dealer" was a success. There was only one other dealer in town, an elderly gentleman that had the market sewn up. I took my venture a little further when I open a brick and mortar store front with big signs in the windows to "buy and sell rare coins". Was even able to take out an ad in the local newspaper twice a week offering to "Buy, Sell and Appraise Gold and Silver Coins, Paper Money, Medals, and Tokens". The towns people were coming in at a steady pace with a vast variety of items.

Well that's how it all got started. Over the years I bought, sold and accumulated a lot of numismatic items. I'm getting older and my health isn't as good as I would like, so I've been liquidating. I've known of VAM's since the first book came out. I tried back then to identify some of my dollars. Had a few good ones, 88-O Hot lips, 1900-O/CC. My only problem was that no one was interested in them, especially at a premium price. I tried to convince my dollar collectors that this would be the way of the future. No one cared, so I pretty much gave up on them also.
Now that I'm retired and have lots of time on my hands, I've gotten back into trying to attribute the dollars I still have. I'm enjoying it, and the supprise of discovering a scarce coin, like the 78-P v44, "King of the Morgan Dollars", that I found about a month ago.
In 1974 I asked one of my customers, Mr. John J. Pittman, to sponsor me for a Life Membership In the ANA, of which I became ANA LM #1688, I've been on the FUN board, had memberships in many dozens of clubs in New York State, Florida and Indiana. And now I'm glad to be a member here. The more I read and hear about the membership, the more I realize the true commitment these members are giving to the group with their vast array of knowledge. Thanks for allowing me into the fold.