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1892Dollar6.JPG Member Name: Windycity - aka Pat Mullen - Owner - Compatico, Inc. - office furniture systems company - collector for 45+ years.

At my daughter's wedding

What I like to collect: High grade proofs, Morgan, and unc silver rolls. Got into VAMs in 2006. Treasure hunter, wholesaler. I buy and sell collections looking for VAM's, doubled dies, cameo proofs, toned coins, etc. Great fun. The pride and joy of my collection is an 1892 Proof Set - believed to have been displayed at the Columbian Expo in Chicago in 1893... then sold to a local family who kept in safe for 100+ years. I bought the set about 12 years ago. It has never been sold in the open coin market. The Morgan is a PCGS PR68DCAM.
Favorite VAMs: Made an 1891 Moustache - PCGS AU55 - but later sold it.... wish I still had it!