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Member Name: Chriss Hoffman
About Me: I started collecting back in 1979, became a coin dealer off and on for many years, now I just collect. Grew up in Denver, Colorado, not far from the ANA Museum so I spent a lot of time there too. Was the YN Coordinator at the ANA Denver Convention in 1996, moved to San Diego several years after that. I worked as a photographer with an Atlantic Records Artist and sold Telescopes since 1999. Now I just photograph for fun mostly pictures of astronomy related objects. Currently in limbo during a move to Texas, I am living in a friends home until I find the right place. I am hoping to meet some new friends here and to quote fellow VamWorld member Sentry02 "to suck less at VAM attributions!"
CH-BigBend_zpsa2792ed3.jpg CH-BigBend_zpsa2792ed3.jpg HorseheadRegion-Ha_zps791f69a7.jpg HorseheadRegion-Ha_zps791f69a7.jpg
A self portrait of yours truly, camping and capturing some photons from deep space, a couple years ago, at the Big Bend National Park in Texas.
Telescopes are by Takahashi.
(Yes I do have legs in real life - thanks time lapse). Horsehead Nebula Region in Widefield
A shot of the Horsehead nebula I took in Hydrogen Alpha wavelength from my backyard near Dallas, TX.
Click for larger image. ||
Numismatic Background: ANA Member for over 30 years and became a Life Member in 1983. I've attended many ANA summer seminars (Lot's of Grading classes, David Bowers - All About Coins, Advanced Grading, Coin Photography, Cherry Picking with Bill Fivaz, The 1st VAM Class (with Michael Fey & Jeff Oxman), even more grading courses, some counterfeit detection, and probably another grading class. Love the ANA!
What I like to collect: U.S. Two Cent Coin Varieties and Morgan Dollar VAM's of course, numismatic books, and now I am a confirmed EAC nut (lord help me, it's about to get crazy expensive)!
Favorite VAMs: 1878-P 8tf VAM-9 the 1st Morgan Dollar, 1878-S B1 Reverses, Pitted Die VAMs, any cool variety that catches my eye at the time.