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1923-P-VAM-1F-"Chin Bar"

|| VAM No: 1F Obverse Die:II1 Reverse Die: B2a I-2 R-3
Set: Peace Category: Common Nominated by: rickeybailey32 ||
|| Attribution Description:
Obverse II1 - Normal die with vertical bar die gouge from chin down right side of D in motto to top of 1.
Reverse B2a - Normal die ||
|| VAM Type 25 Types on VAM

  • Die Gouges ||

|| How It Happened:
when the die was reworked and polished the file or gringing mark on the die wasnt smothed off or polished enough. ||
|| Why included in VAM Type 25:
I nominated it because it is top 50 VAM . It is easy to spot. The die gouge is large enough to see with the naked eye. ||
|| Attribution tips:
Just look for the vertical gouge from chin to the number 1 in the date. ||