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VAMworld hosts a VAM of the Week.
VAM of the Week Contributor Schedule
To sign up click the edit button and add your user name next to the date you would like your contribution to start. it is open for all to volunteer.
Please make sure to browse the Past VOTW for recent choices and VOTW By Date for ideas. if you want to sign up and apprehensive about editing you can practice your idea here on this Page TEMPLATE for VOTW where it can be simply copied and pasted onto the home page.

VAM of the Week contributor schedule:


12-23 ChiefRet
12-30 PacificWR

1-06 VamHelsing
1-13 Lioncutter
1-20 CascadeChris
1-27 ljs123
2-3 vincar73
2-10 rhodes6467
2-17 morganman
2-24 bob259
3-3 ChiefRet
3-10 PacificWR
3-17 VamHelsing
3-24 Lioncutter
3-31 CascadeChris
4-7 ljs123
4/14 vincar73
4-21 rhodes6467
4-28 morganman
5-5 bob259
5-12 ChiefRet
5-19 PacificWR
5-26 VamHelsing