Vam Type 25 Die Map

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Vam Type 25 Die Map

|| Tf-VAM1c obv1.jpg Tf-VAM1c rev1.jpg || ==Master Hub (Positive)==

  • Date,Mint Mark, Letters, Stars missing
  • Engraving work touched up the Hubs
  • Used to produce Master Die
  • Carries an Obverse Type
  • Carries a Reverse Type
  • VAM Types Introduced

None ||
|| Tf-VAM1c obv1 Inv.jpg Tf-VAM1c rev1 Inv.jpg || ==Master Die (Negative)==

  • Produced from Master Hub
  • Letters and Stars individually punched
  • Used to produce a number of Working Hubs
  • Vam Types Introduced

None ||
|| Tf-VAM1c obv1.jpg Tf-VAM1c rev1.jpg || ==Working Hubs (Positive)==

  • A number produced from Master Die
  • With all or a portion of date ground off, could

> be used to produce a master die

  • Used to produce up to 250 Working Dies
  • Vam Types Introduced

Dual Hub Dies ||
|| Tf-VAM1c obv1 Inv.jpg Tf-VAM1c rev1 Inv.jpg || ==Working Dies (Negative)==

  • Produced from Working Hubs
  • Obverse and Reverse Dies are paired
  • Dates and mint marks punched in by hand
  • Used in coin presses to produce coins
  • VAM Types Introduced

Doubled Dates ||
|| Tf MorganRoll.jpg || ==Coin Production==

  • Involves use of die pair and a collar
  • Significant changes happening to dies during production can

> be VAM Triggers, causing a new VAM type to be designated.

  • VAM Types Introduced

Die Clashes
Pitted Dies
Die Breaks ||