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|| VAM No: 3A Obverse Die: IV1 Reverse Die: D2a I-3 R-5
Set: Morgan Category: Common? I have found three of these without specifically searching for them. Nominated by: yankeeben ||
|| Attribution Description: VAM-3A1 Spiked Tail Feather, Die Gouge State 1
Horizontal die gouge extending to right from number 3 tail feather. No gouges in the R or L of DOLLAR. ||
|| VAM Type 25 Types on VAM

  • Die Gouges
  • Hand Retouched Dies (scribbles) ||

|| How It Happened: probably a slip of a tool when the working die was being touched up. An earlier die state with scribbles but without the tail gouge exists. ||
|| Why included in VAM Type 25: This is a great example of a reverse gouge. It also has scribbles (hand-engraved reverse) and other gouges. ||
|| Attribution Tips: The spiked tail feather is easily seen without magnification either in hand or from images. ||