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1878-P VAM-220 Tripled R

|| VAM No: 220 Obverse Die: II/1 34 Reverse Die: C3b I-5 R-7
Set: Morgan Category: Best of Breed Nominated by: npcrolls (Tom Farin) ||
|| Attribution Description:
Obverse II/1 34- Doubled LIBERTY with no shift. Doubled P and U, tripled R in PLURIBUS. Doubled 1 and 3 stars on left and 1, 3, and 4 stars on right.
Reverse C3b– Left serif of A is cut down so it is not flat on top and away from wing. Bottom of serif is not slanting. Bottom feather of eagle’s right wing is squared off and raised. Hub doubling of UNITED STATES bottom inside with left inside strong on U of UNITED, I of In at top, top right edge of eagle’s right wing, and left edge of some leaves in left wreath. This is normal reverse design, except for hub doubling, used for most of the Morgan silver dollars series which also appears on some 1879 O and S dies. ||
|| VAM Type 25 Types on VAM

  • Doubled Profile
  • Repunched Obverse Letters ||

|| How It Happened: I could use some help here. Please edit this section of you wish. ||
|| Why included in VAM Type 25: This is a Top 100 VAM. I think of it as the poor man's "King of VAMs". With its doubled cotton bolls, and doubled cap, it begs to be picked. It also has a fantastic tripled R and a dramatic shifted p in Pluribus. It is a sister of the VAM 171 but carries the reverse of 1879 (slanted top arrow feather) rather than the reverse of 1878 carried by the VAM 171 (parallel top arrow feather). It is considered to be the 'stopper' for the Reverse of 1879 collector.I am nominating it for the VAM Type 25 Doubled Profile Type in spite of the fact its name implies it should be included in the Repunched Obverse Letters Type. ||
|| Attribution Tips: The most noticible pickup point for this VAM is the doubled cotton bolls and doubled cap. Both are illustrated with images on the attribution page. Right behind are the tripled R and shifted P in Pluribus. Once the obverse pickup points are nailed down, all you need to do to tell whether it is a VAM 220 or 171 is flip the coin over to the reverse and look at the feathers at the end of the arrows. If the top feather is slanted, it is a Reverse of 1879 and a VAM 220. If the top feather is parallel to the arrow shaft, it is a Reverse of 1878 VAM 171. This morgan can easily be attributed online using the pickup points just described.
This is a scarce R-7 VAM with a high level of interest. It is rarely found in mint state, so its R rating rises with grade. ||