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"How To" - Chat on the VAMworld Party Line

The 3 things you need to connect and chat
1. Internet Connection
2. Microphone (we want to hear you)
3. Speakers (we want you to hear us)
Make sure you have the Ventrillo Chat client installed. (this is a virus free, ad free, chat client, that does not cost) If you do not have the client installed, [Click Here] to get it. Install the client that best suits your computer. Win32bit, Win64bit, and Mac clients are available.
Immediately after installing the client, you will be prompted to setup your connection. Below are step by step instructions to do so
The first screen you need to setup your account. To do this click on the button the arrow is pointing to, in the picture below:
Remmy1100 vent1.jpg
Next, you need to click the "new" button that the arrow is pointing to below:
Remmy1100 vent2.jpg
Next, type in your username (prefer your VAMworld username so we can keep things straight). After
tying your name, click the "OK" button:
Remmy1100 vent4.jpg
After clicking "OK" you need to confirm the completed account setup by clicking "OK" on the screen below:
Remmy1100 vent5.jpg
Now that your account is setup, we need to configure the server to connect to. To do this, click the button the arrow is pointing to below:
Remmy1100 vent6.jpg
After clicking the button above, you will need to click the "New" button on the next screen like you see below:
Remmy1100 vent7.jpg
Type in a name for the connection. I use the server name, so I don't get confused with other connections I have, when you are done naming the connection, click the "OK" button. It should look something like the picture below:
Remmy1100 vent8.jpg
Now we need to input the server information. Make sure your Hostname or IP and Port Number, looks exactly like the image below. Once confirmed the info entered is correct, click the "OK" button:
Remmy1100 vent9.jpg
Your connection is now correctly setup. To connect, you just need to click the "connect" button shown in the picture below:
Remmy1100 vent10.jpg

Once connected, the system by default, creates a push to talk (PTT) key. The default key is the left CTRL key. You will need to press and hold that key in order for people to hear you talk.

There may be some additional setup required to get your microphone and or speakers to work correctly. Most computers will work without any further setup. If yours does not, let me know via PM.