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My name is Michael. I am an avid collector and dealer in numismatics and bullion. I own a company called, Market Harmony which buys, refines, produces, and sells precious metals. We have a product line of hand poured Gold and Silver Bullion as well as novelty Copper Bullion.
I have been involved in numismatics for several years and have always found the silver dollars to be the most interesting coins. I began VAM hunting after discovering that a few of my coins had visible-to-the-naked-eye variations. When I posted some pictures of the coins on another coin forum, I was directed to VAMWorld and a new passion was born. I have been "vamming" since Oct 2009 and have attributed my entire collection of Morgan Dollars. As a coin dealer, I both set-up and walk coin shows. When I have a table, I deal under the name, "Mike's Morgans & More" My business and residence is in Western Pennsylvania and I primarily stay in that area. There is a monthly coin show in Castle Shannon for which I have set up a table since July 2010.
I can be reached by phone at 412-468-4653. I have a particularly good eye for grading Morgan Dollars and Walking Liberty Half Dollars. I do submit coins to ICG grading service and have a very good track record of meeting the grade assigned. I choose ICG because of cost and their well-known accuracy for grading the Morgan Dollar series. They will also attribute any VAM variety, not just a select few like other services.
Please feel free to contact me if you are looking to acquire or sell BU Morgan Dollars, AU+ Walking Liberty Half Dollars, or FBL Franklin Half Dollars... or even if you would like to use my company's precious metal purchasing or refining services: [[1]]