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Correct answers are underlined and in bold.

1. The VAM numbering system is used to categorize die varieties of which U.S. coins?

A) Seated Dollars and Peace Dollars
B) Seated Dollars and Morgan Dollars
C) Morgan Dollars and Peace Dollars
D) Seated Dollars, Peace Dollars, and Morgan Dollars
E) None of the above

2. Which of the following is not a Top-100 Morgan VAM variety?

A) 1888-O Scarface die break
B) 1890-CC Tailbar gouge
C) 1894-CC Nosehair gouge (there are no 1894-CC Morgans at all)
D) 1888-O Hot Lips DDO
E) None of the above

3. VAM stands for:

A) Van Allen – Mallis
B) Variety Attribution Method
C) Variations and Modes
D) Victor, Alvin, and Marvin
E) None of the above

4. Identify the following VAM:

Vam quiz easy image1jpeg.JPG
A) 1888-O Hot Lips DDO
B) 1901-P Shifted Eagle
C) 1891-CC Spitting Eagle
D) [1887-P Donkey Tail]
E) None of the above

5. The first Morgan Dollar struck, an [1878-P VAM-9], was immediately presented to the president at the time, which was:

A) Thomas Jefferson
B) Abraham Lincoln
C) Franklin Roosevelt
D) Harry Truman
E) None of the above (the answer is President Rutherford Hayes, who received the first coin struck)

6. The VAM known as “The King” is the:

A) [1878-P VAM 44 Tripled Blossoms]
B) 1886-P VAM 2 S/S
C) 1887-O VAM 22A Pitted Reverse
D) 1921-D VAM 3A Streamer Wing
E) None of the above

7. From what year do we find some New Orleans mint marks punched over an underlying CC mint mark?

A) 1878
B) 1880
C) 1890
D) 1900 (the 1900 O/CC varieties are popular with VAM collectors and non-VAM collectors alike)
E) None of the above

8. The effect that occurs when obverse and reverse dies strike together without a blank planchet between them is called:

A) Pitting
B) [Clashing]
C) Gouging
D) Lamination
E) None of the above

9. Identify the following VAM:

Vam quiz easy image2jpeg.JPG
A) 1901-S Micro S
B) 1902-S Micro S
C) [1903-S Micro S]
(there are no known micro S varieties for the other answers)
D) 1904-S Micro S
E) None of the above

10. The 1887-P VAM-12 is also known as:

A) Crocodile Eye
B) Snake Eye
C) Frog Eye
D) Tortoise Eye
E) None of the above (it is called "[Alligator Eye]")