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VAM Quiz – Medium #2 Answer Sheet

Answers are in bold and underline.

1. Why are some of the rarest Morgan VAMs, especially some of the rare 8tf VAMs, typically found in prooflike condition?

A) They are rare because of a short die life, thus they are "first strike" coins from new, polished dies. (answer A is best, B and D are not impossible, but C would be a big shocker)
B) Mid-die life die polishing created PL surfaces and new VAM features such as die scratches, some of which have proven to be rare.
C) A famous collector has hoarded 80-85% of prooflike Morgans, so we think some of the PL VAMs out there are rarer than they really are.
D) Many bags of PL Morgans were melted down, causing some of the remaining ones to be scarce.
E) None of the above

2. How many stars are on the reverse of a Morgan dollar?

A) 0
B) 1
C) 2
D) 3
E) 4

3. Identify the following VAM:

Vam quiz medium image2jpeg.JPG
A) 1890-CC VAM-4 tailbar
B) 1891-S VAM-8A
C) 1878-S VAM-19a
D) 1888-S VAM-13
E) None of the above

4. Which of the following animals is not part of a nickname for a Morgan VAM?

A) Donkey (1887-P VAM-1A)
B) Panda
C) Spider (1921-D VAM-1H)
D) Unicorn (1921-D VAM-1N)
E) All of the above have been used in nicknames

5. The Morgan Type "C" reverse is also known as

A) 8 tailfeathers
B) 7/8 tailfeathers
C) Reverse of '78
D) Reverse of '79
E) None of the above

6. On a Peace Dollar, why is TRUST spelled TRVST?

A) So that people who find a Peace dollar can call coin shops and claim to have a rare and valuable "misprinted" silver dollar.
B) V represents the Roman Number five, for the number of years that the US was engaged in World War I.
C) "V" is the ancient spelling of the letter "U".
D) Engravers found that the "U" shape tended to wear more quickly in circulation than the "V" shape.
E) None of the above

7. How many tail feathers does this 1878 Morgan have?

VAM quiz medium 2 image2.jpg
A) eight (this is the reverse of an 1878-P VAM-5. The distinct engraved tailfeathers where the legs meet the bottoms of the wings are a giveaway that this is an 8TF)
B) seven
C) seven over eight
D) cannot tell from this photo alone
E) none of the above

9. Which of the following grading services does not attribute/designate any VAMs?

E) None of the above (they all attribute VAMs - but some services only attribute selected VAMs)

10. You're surfing an online listing and see the following image. After inspecting the photo and consulting any reference materials you like, what information can you derive?

VAM quiz medium 2 image3.jpg
A) date only
B) date and VAM number only
C) date, VAM number, and mint mark only
D) date, VAM number, mint mark, and rarity factor (look closely at the first 8 in the date to see that this is the 1880-P VAM-1A, a Top 100 VAM. When you see this die break, you can determine the VAM, thus you know the mint mark, you can see the date, and you can then look up the rarity factor in a VAM reference source.)
E) none of the above