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VAM Quiz – Hard #1

The link to the answer page is at the bottom of the quiz.

1. The VAMview price guide of January 2007 lists at least one VAM/price for which of the following date/mints? (In other words, 4 of the 5 do not have any varieties listed in the guide. Pick the one that has at least one.)

A) 1881-P
B) 1885-O
C) 1894-O
D) 1897-S
E) 1904-S

2. What was the most common Redfield hoard date/mint?

A) 1878-S
B) 1879-S
C) 1880-S
D) 1881-S
E) 1882-S

3. Which of the following effects cannot create a listable die variety?

A) Die polishing lines
B) Rust spots on die
C) Denticle impressions
D) Strike through grease
E) None of the above

4. Put the following VAMs (1878-P VAMs 41, 41A, 41B, and 41C) in order of die progression:

A) 41, 41A, 41B, 41C
B) 41, 41B, 41A, 41C
C) 41, 41C, 41B, 41A
D) 41, 41A, 41C, 41B
E) 41, 41B, 41C, 41A

5. The 1878 8tf VAM-14.11 Discovery Piece was originally in what holder/grade?

A) NGC 65
B) NGC 66
C) PCGS 64
D) PCGS 65
E) PCGS 66

6. The model used for the design of the Peace Dollar was named:

A) Teresa De Francisci
B) Teresa Zerbe
C) Teresa Fraser
D) Teresa Morgan
E) Teresa O’Reilly

7. The reverse die from the controversial micro-O varieties of 1896, 1900, and 1902 is thought to have been “cast” using the reverse of which variety?

A) 1899-O VAM-4
B) 1899-O VAM-5
C) 1899-O VAM-6
D) 1899-O VAM-31
E) 1899-O VAM-32

8. According to the “Morgan Silver Dollar Dies Produced” chart in the Comprehensive Encyclopedia, which date/mint had the most fiscal year dies produced?

A) 1899-O
B) 1900-O
C) 1901-O
D) 1902-O
E) 1903-O

9. Who was Mint Director when the first Morgan dollars were struck?

A) John Sherman
B) Albert Downing
C) George Morgan
D) C.W. Fremantle
E) Henry Linderman

10. Identify the following VAM (photo (c) Leroy Van Allen, SSDC):

Vam quiz hard image1jpeg.JPG
A) 1921-D VAM-1H
B) 1921-D VAM-1AH
C) 1921-D VAM-1BY
D) 1921-D VAM-10A
E) 1921-D VAM-14A