VAM-9A-9E Clash Locations

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1885-P VAM-9 Clashed Die Varieties

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Vam-9 A-E Clashed N, Neck Lines
1885-P VAM-9A Clashed NECK1-horz3.jpg
Vam-9A-E Clashed N's
Lets start with 9A AND 9B
Note: the double clashed area under the N of in is difficult to see in most internet pictures of the 9B
as well as the clashed M but once you have it in hand you will see.
Note from JR:
They are unrelated far date die marriages. VAM 9A is really strong and has an almost complete N clahed in front of the neck along with a counterclash line. VAM 9B is fairly weak. It is not part of Mark Kimpton's 'Super CD' list despite what our pages may have said in the past...
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-9A Clashed M higher than 9B ................................Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-9B Double clash, Clashed M Lower on 9B
1885-P VAM-9A Clashed Mmhicopy-horz.jpg
1885-P VAM-9A Clashed n.jpg
1885-P VAM-9B Clashed n.jpg
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-9C Single clash, Check Mark Lines by ear
Note: the 9C is the EDS of 9B with only a single clashed neck tick for a N and no clashed M
85-P VAM 9C1.jpg
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-9D Single Clash, Polish Lines in Liberty
1885-P VAM-9D PLATE NECK 5 DEC 2010.jpg
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-9E Highest Clash of all w/line below the Ear
1885 VAM 9E Photo 2.jpg
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-9G Far Date, Clashed Obverse n New 2013
1885 P VAM9G 2013PETEH7.jpg
1885 P VAM9G 2013PETEH7A.jpg