VAM-14-14A-14B Series Overview

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Lets take a look at the VAM-14 series.
The V14 and 14A share an exact obverse and reverse dies and the V14B only shares a reverse. please keep this in mind as the overview
further break down the listings of this series.
1921-P VAM-14 Tripled Stars, Dot by Wing, Missing o in God.
This Variety was listed with tripled stars, dot wing and filled o, the filled dies are no longer listed since it is a mint process error.
so some base VAM-14 may or may not have this missing feature so that leaves us with tripled stars and dot wing. So it is likely
that this can be found with dot wing and scribbles to match the reverse to the 14A and 14B and with or without the filled o.
It is also likely to reverse and obverse cracks starting to appear.
1921-P VAM-14A Tripled Stars, Dot by Wing, Die Gouge L.
This variety was listed with the same features as the V14 but with a gouged L on the first L in DOLLAR on this reverse, So the 14A
came after the V14. and the obverse and reverse cracks are more advanced but have not yet reached "BREAK" status yet.
1921-P VAM-14B Tripled Stars, Dot by Wing, Clashed Obverse s
Suggested Progression 14,14A then obverse die swapped and paired with the 14A reverse...does not make sense!!!