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Die scratch lines on 1881-P

I have an 1881 Morgan that I have found some die scratches on the reverse. The 2 scratches are from the wing down to the olive branch and then from the olive branch down to the wreath. I also found some die scratch line running through the cap as well as a couple of small die chips in the cap close to another die chip shown in a vam already in the list of 1881 vams. My question involveds whether or not I should submit the coin for attribution or not? In the list of details that instruct whether or not to submit a coin it mentions that die scratches are common as well as die chips. While I understand this I see in the current list many coins which use these same things to identify a particular vam. This particular coin does not have a matching vam in the list and I have double checked to make sure it is not a matching vam. The one identifying mark it does have that is in the current list is a die chip inside the upper loop of the left 8, however, the current list of vams that have that attribution does not include the other details in the coin I have. As an example, one of the vams in the list shows the die chip in the upper loop of the left 8 and doubling on a couple of the numbers. My coin however has doubling on the 8 and not in the same way described in the current list of coins. Because of this, I feel that I may have a new vam and wanted to see what others might suggest to help me determine this.

I am all ears.