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Types and Varieties of Garden Gnomes

There are a number of different types and varieties of garden gnomes that you may have seen or can purchase from various stores. Most commonly, gnomes are used as decoration or for the purpose of entertainment, but these small, funny-shaped, and colorful street treats can be used as a means of protection from burglars and other intruders. A number of these garden gnomes are known to have replaced locks on front doors and windows. The most common types of gnomes that you will find are plastic, brightly colored, small, and styled animals that are known to resemble street performers like the famed "street rat." These plastic gnomes typically come in a variety of bright colors that will attract the attention of anyone who sees them. Popular cute gnome colors include; neon green, neon blue, red, yellow, green, orange, purple, and other assorted hues. As you may notice, these brightly colored plastic creatures have now become some of the more popular choices for a variety of purposes. It is interesting to note that most gnomes are typically found to be dressed up in clothing similar to the manner that certain types of entertainers dress up. Typically these clothing choices do not have to conform to a specific gender or age; gnomes are commonly found to wear anything that they would find to be appropriate for the occasion. One of the most common types of garden gnomes is found to be dressed up as street vendors. Garden gnomes that are found outside the home are dressed in an extremely casual manner, while those that are inside the home are often dressed in a more formal manner. This is one of the many varieties of garden gnomes that you will find out there. If you are interested in purchasing a gnome for your own home, then you should take a good look at the selections that are available from a garden gnome store. There you will be able to choose from a wide variety of different types of garden gnomes. These gnomes are going to come in a wide array of different designs and styles. The most basic types of garden gnomes can be found in plastic. These types of gnomes are simply plastic covering over a regular-sized or medium-sized garden gnome. While these gnomes are extremely simple in design, they can be highly entertaining because they allow the owner of the home to change up the appearance of their home completely.