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We are Korea's No.1 food-fighting verification site. Eat-and-Dubai is the largest eat-and-run verification site and supports the safe use of the Toto site by receiving reports of eating from clients and different people. Eat and Dubai verifies the eating site with thorough verification and validation. Eat-and-see site Eat-and-Dubai team conducts a thorough eating-and-running verification step to support members to use safe sites. Due to the overload of the Toto site market, many sites are unable to find proper promotional means.

However, as the scam verification community trusted and used by members is used as a promotional tool, verification sites trusted and used by members are degenerating into a promotional tool for scam sites. To solve these problems, the management team of Eat-Dubai conducts more thorough verification, carefully selecting and recommending sites that members can use with confidence.

In particular, is maximizing the safety of the site by introducing a double safety system called the deposit system in preparation for any financial accidents that may occur at the recommended company. The recommended guarantee companies are registered through the verification stage according to the following guidelines.

1. Measure the operating period of the site and register only sites that have been in operation for at least one year.  The operating period of the site is a basic measure of a safe site, and it means that it has earned the trust of many members and is being operated stably.
2. Measure the number of daily users Only sites with 10,000 or more daily users are registered as a guarantee company.  The number of daily users serves as a measure of the stability and popularity of a site.
3. Measurement of the number of new members influx is a criterion for measuring the capital strength of the site.  To attract new members, a lot of marketing is required and basic capital to invest in it is required.  This allows you to monitor how well your site can evolve and gauge your site's capital strength.

To date, we have verified more than 700 websites of betting as well as food blogging and continue to provide stable evaluation and right verification to the sites. Our team is expert in handling and verifying the sites with a thorough verification process. So, why waste time? Get your site verified with us to avoid accidental damage in future.