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Started collecting morgans from Reno NV casinos at age 10 from funds selling 300# feeder calves i raised from bottle.
Continued collection using funds made as youngest cattle auctioneer age 12 which became a career of 37 yrs.
Early on leased property & had dairy to support my mom & self as my dad was not trustworthy.
I hated dairy and change over to beef feeder operation until mkt collapsed and i lost everything $300k age 17.
Auctioneering & Beef packer order buying i amassed the 300k back and more within 4 yrs all the time buying _
learning about Morgans & US gold coinage. By age 22 i was developing quite a collection of Morgans & Gold coins.
By age 26 i owned my own ranch full with mtg and began learning real estate hence buying a vacant lake lot and
doing a spec house. that turned into a 8 yr venture developing some 400 properties around a nice lake dev.
During this time i gained much knowledge about Numismatics & bullion and became a hard asset proponent.
As funds became avail i made plans to invest 50% or more of earnings into bullion and coins.
I bought several smaller hoards of Morgans & U S gold coins then was fortunate to stumble accross some larger
hoards which i purchased. One such hoard took 5 yrs to complete the purchase taking delivery every 2 months
sorting grading and selling some to keep going. Ebay became a huge sales venue for me and i would market
well over 6 figures monthly and purchase 1/2 that in graded US gold and Silver Bullion at $4-6 oz.
After 10 yrs or so Ebay became fraught with Fraud and most reputable dealers left never to return. Fleabay
became a buyers venue so i was forced to coin shows and developing retail and wholesale contacts.
Vams started getting attention and just added to the already rising prices so i was estatic and began to
attribute my holdings. As prices of coins -bullion -real estate escalated i began to offload premium vams
but hold and add bullion with Coin sales money.
Unbenounced to me my collection would appreciate in value and exceed any & all business assets combined
that i was able to amass. Now with vams values declining substancially my collection alone will provide for
a nice retirement upon disbursement. Scott Hobbs