The Eyes to Die for

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The Eyes

Be sure to check the Eye on your 1885 P coins its another area of the coin that seemed to be worked on frequently
by Mint Workers and LVA takes plate photo of the Eyes to use as Markers.

Normal Date

Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1E Die Chip ERFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1K Weak Clashed n New! 2012
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1M Clashed Obverse n Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg New! 2013
1885 P VAM1M LVAletterMar2013.jpg
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-22 Thick Dash Under 8, Doubled Arrow Feathers (Hit List 40)Full-Coin CAMERA.jpgPcgsvam.jpgNgcvam.jpg
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-24 Alligator Eye
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-24A Alligator Eye, Clashed Obv n
1885-P VAM24 Alligator99 Eye.jpg
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-27 Tripled Ear BottomFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
Special Note: this line is NOT present on VAM-27A
GK-1885P 6.jpg
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-30 Doubled Inner Wing FeathersFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg

Far Date

Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-9 Far Date Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg
Die 1
Die 2