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1st Step
Pick a T R U S T
1879srev78trust r comp4.jpg
Note: QRG = Quick Reference Guide is available
Note: QRG = Quick reference guide NOT available and we need more pictures
2nd Step now that you have chosen a matching r then Click the Link on the appropriate description, that will send you to another
page where the entire group is listed, .and start your photo comparisons.
Also each Variety has its own its link and/or Quick Reference Guide (QRG) with attribution Photo's of that Variety.
Complete serif in r. "Full r"
Open 9 as Classified

Closed 9 as classified

Partially broken serif in r. "Partial r"

> 1879-S VAM-77A : Parallel Arrow Feather, Engraved Wing Feather from 1878 S, 8 Upper Tail Feathers QRG
More Broken r "Almost TIUST "

79 S Completely broken r "TIUST"