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The SUPER CD collection are clashed die varieties outside the exitsting Top 100 and Hot 50 coins designated by Mark Kimpton in his book Elite Clashed Morgan Dollars.
Much like the TOP 100 and HOT 50 collections, the SUPER CD collection is comprised of the most
extraordinary varieties known to exist. While the SUPER CD’s only include clashed varieties, they encompassthe entire Morgan dollar series with examples being taken from the very first year of production, in 1878, through to the last year of production, in 1921. There are numerous varieties from various dates between 1878 and 1921 as well as examples from every mint except the Denver mint included in the SUPER CD collection.
Clashed varieties are no longer limited to simply the “E” reverse types. There are (1) reverse motto, (2) mint mark, (3) designer’s initial, (4) reverse legend, (5) clashed denticles, as well as (6) die break types and (7) rotated reverse types of clashed examples known to exist. While there has been over 175 examples of clashed die varieties found, only 25 have been included into the SUPER CD collection.
1. 1878-P VAM-2A
2. 1878-P VAM-41C
3. 1878-P VAM-42A
4. 1878-P VAM-84A
5. 1878-S VAM-17A HL40 VAM
6. 1880-P VAM-24A
7. 1880-P VAM-32A HL40 VAM
8. 1880-CC VAM-3A
9. 1882-O VAM-29A
10. 1883-O VAM-22A H50 VAM
11. 1885-P VAM-4A
12. 1885-P VAM-9A
13. 1885-P VAM-23A
14. 1887-P VAM-3A
15. 1887-O VAM-30A HL40 VAM
16. 1888-S VAM-3A
17. 1890-O VAM-1B
18. 1890-O VAM-4A
19. 1901-O VAM-1A
20. 1901-O VAM-25A
21. 1901-O VAM-39A
22. 1902-O VAM-26A
23. 1904-O VAM-4B HL40 VAM
24. 1904-O VAM-28A
25. 1921-P VAM-40A HL40 VAM