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1879-S VAM-68

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[[image:1879-S_VAM-68_PLATE_PHOTO_5_OCT_2010.jpg]]<br />
== Additional Photos ==
<gallery mode="packed" widths=275px heights=275px perrow=3>
image:NM_1879-S_VAM-68_DATE.jpg |frame|Full date.
image:NM_1879-S_VAM-68_DATE7.jpg |frame|7 doubled at top as two arcs.
image:NM_1879-S_VAM-68_URI.jpg |frame|Doubled URI in PLURIBUS on right side.
2 copyrighted© images below on loan to VAMworld courtesy of '''oldcollectorcoins''' from a coin of Brian Raines<br />
[[image:occ-br-1879-s-v68-disc-10-17-13.jpg |959px ]]<br />
[[image:occ-br-1879-s-v68-disc-10-17-13a.jpg |960px ]]<br />
[[1879-S VAM-68#TOP|Top]]<br />

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