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1904-O VAM-28A

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Full Coin Photos
Large Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-28A Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy '''©'''[[ Heritage Auctions]]'''ATTRIBUTED BY''' '''John Roberts''' at '''ANACS''' [[image:ANACS_LOGO3.jpg]]<br />
John Roberts is the Director of Attribution Services at ANACS, a prolific writer of award winning coin articles and books and we're so happy to have him contribute here in this forum as VAMpicker. This is just one of his many discoveries in the Morgan Dollar series<br />
One of only a few clashed dies that can be found in DMPL condition<br />
[[image:SWH2_1904O_VAM28A_OBVM.jpg |475px]][[image:SWH2_1904O_VAM28A_REVM.jpg |475px]]<br />
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