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1904-P VAM-5

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LVA Plate Photos:
These VAM Plates are for VAM-5 Die 2. They are not on EDS coins. (Ignore the Die 1 designation)<br />
[[image:weth_1904P_VAM5Die1.jpg |frame|left|NOW Die-2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOW Die-2]]<br style="clear:both;">
1904-P VAM-5 Die 2 die chips below lower cotton leaf as plated by LVA.<br />
[[image:Die_Chips_Below_Cotton_Leaf_1.jpg]]<br />
1904-P VAM-5 Die 2 polishing in Eagle's left shoulder gap as plated by LVA.<br />
[[image:ARS_1904_P_VNA3_REV.jpg |frame|left|ARS_1904_P_VNA3_REV.jpg]]<br style="clear:both;">
The following photos are for VAM-5 Die 1,<br />
[[image:Scan1904-v5plate.jpg |800px]]<<br />
= Additional Photos: =
= Full Coin Photos =

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