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1903-P VAM-4

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Additional Photos:
= LVA Plate Photo: =
= Additional Photos: =
At the normal/near date cusp.<br /gallery mode="packed" widths=275px heights=275px perrow=3>[[image:RBF1903-PV4-9.jpg |720px ]]<br At the normal/>near date cusp.[[image:RBF1903-PV4-8.jpg |720px ]]<br />[[image:RBF1903-PV4-7.jpg |720px ]]<br />[[image:1903-P-4-jbc-date.jpg]]|<br /gallery>'''Reverse die markermarkers.'''<br />[[<gallery mode="packed" widths=275px heights=275px perrow=3>image:1903-P-4-jbc-rev1.jpg]]<br />|[[image:RBF1903-PV4-5.jpg |720px ]]<br />[[image:RBF1903-PV4-4.jpg |720px ]]<br />[[image:RBF1903-PV4-10.jpg |720px ]]<br />[[image:RBF1903-PV4-3.jpg |800px |frame|left|ANACS attributed. Different die pair than above. Note that it can be found with the collar clash"."]]<br style="clear:both;"/gallery>
1/2018<br />
[[1903-P VAM-4#TOP|Top]]<br />

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