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The VAM of the Week 1888-S VAM-13 Doubled Left Wreath, Monster Gouged Eagle
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= '''The VAM of the Week:''' 1888-S VAM-13 Doubled Left Wreath, Monster Gouged Eagle=
This week's '''VOTW''' is the 2006 VAM of the year. The [[1888-S VAM-13]] is one of the most spectacular [[Die Gouge|die gouge]] Morgans
with a barrage of over 30 gouges on the reverse of this variety. Many of the gouges are sizeable, especially those just above and around the eagle's right leg and talons. The [[1888-S VAM-13]] is a [[HitList40 VAMs|Hit List 40]] variety and has the largest number of [[Die Gouge|die gouges ]] known on any Morgan dollar reverse die. It is a must for every collection.
[[1888-S VAM-13]] '''Doubled Left Wreath, Monster Gouged Eagle'''<br />
'''13 III2 1 · C3f (Doubled Left Wreath, Monster Gouged Eagle) (187) I-5 R-6'''<br />

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