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1902-O VAM-45

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1902-O VAM-45 Doubled Profile & Reverse Lettering
=1902-O VAM-45 Doubled Profile & Reverse Lettering=
Discovered by Marc Serafine, September 2001. Revised 2009 and many, many times after that. Revised 18 Sep 18 to add Die #14 discovered by Andrew Wojtowich<br />
Even though the listing officially for the obverse says the base of the 2 is filled in, this is not the case for all the dies. In fact, even the dies that come with a filled 2 have unfilled 2s in their EDS. The filled 2 should not be used for attribution purposes. Also, the listing for the reverse mentions "some specimens show polishing line bands thru STAT". This is a left-over from the V45.6 listing, which is no longer applicable since Die #6 was de-listed. The bands mentioned are a primary diagnostic for the V26.1.<br />
'''45 ('''revised''') III2 8 · C4l (Doubled Profile & Reverse Lettering) (181) I-2 R-4'''<br />

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