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1881-S VAM-28

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'''28'''(revised''') III2 15 C3m (Doubled 1-1, Profile _ & Cap, S/S Left, Engraved Wreath Leaves) (185) I-4 R-5'''<br />
'''Obverse III215 C3m''' - Slightly doubled left 1 below upper crossbar and right side of vertical shaft and right 1 at lower left of vertical shaft. Slightly doubled profile from hair front down to chin and top of Phrygian Cap.<br />
'''Reverse C3m''' - IV S mint mark set high and re-punched with diagonal line at right of upper loop opening and an arc at right of lower loop opening. Engraving to strengthen two lower leaves on leaf cluster second from bottom on left wreath, upper outside leaf on second and third leaf cluster from top of left wreath. White surfaces on eagle's breast, left wing, middle and lower part of right wing, tail feathers, spaces around both eagle's legs, neck-wing gap and area in field below right wing and next to right leg. Likely from fine sand blasting of die to create cameo contrast on eagle but accidentally extended into field below right wing. Same white areas on numeerious coins and not due to acid treatment that would etch flat areas into die.<br />
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