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VAM of the Week: 1889-P VAM-3A Doubled Date & Ear, Far Date, Sunken Obverse Die (181) I-3 R-5
[[File:Example.jpg]]= VAM of the Week: [[18891891-P VAM-3A6B]] Doubled Slanted Date & Ear, Far Date, Sunken Obverse Die (181) I-3 R-5 Denticle Impression Below Eagles Beak =This week’s '''VOTW''' is the [[18891891-P VAM-3A6B]]. The [[18891891-P VAM-3A6B]] has a Far Doubled Discovered by Nick Capuano 2014Under Review Duplicate Listing of already Plated Impressions'6B 'III2 6-C3a (Slanted Date, Doubled Ear and a Sunken Denticle Impressions Below Eagles Beak) (189) I-2 R-6ObverseIII2 6 - Dated slanted in normal lateral position with left 1 closest to rim. The [[1889Die marker-P VAMSmall horizontal thread-3A]] is a highly underrated Sunken Die variety with such an amazing, cool looking "Buffed" obverse surrounding Liberty and most of the devices. This VAM really should be put on the next "list" if anyone is currently thinking about creating one!"" Check out the photos like die impression belownostril.<br /><br />[[image:1889Reverse C3a -P VAM-3A ObverseTwo raised triangles in horizontal line to left of eagle's beak. Has spacing of denticles.jpg|450px]] [[imageComments:1889-PVAM-3A Reverse.jpg|440px]] <br />
<br />
[[image:1891 P VAM6B-NCAP-PLATE.jpg]]
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