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1888-S VAMs

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1888-S VAM Stats
'''1.''' Mintage: 657,000 <br />
'''2.''' Die Pairs: 80 (Source: Annual Reports of the Director of the Mint) <br />
'''3.''' [[:1888-S VAM-13|largest number of die gouges known on any Morgan dollar reverse die.]] <br />'''4.''' [[Die Study Roll Call|Die Study]] completed: No. <br />
=Attribution Guides for The 1888-S Morgan Dollar=
=Official VAM Listing=
[[image:white_camera_Black_Border04112011New White Camera.jpg]][[1888-S VAM-1]] Normal Die<br />[[image:white_camera_Black_Border04112011New White Camera.jpg]][[1888-S VAM-1D]] Over Polished Beveled Reverse Fields<br />[[image:cameraNew Camera.jpg]][[1888-S VAM-2]] S/S[[image:Lfcp-icon.jpg]]<br />[[image:cameraNew Camera.jpg]][[1888-S VAM-3]] Near Date, Doubled 8<br />[[image:cameraNew Camera.jpg]][[1888-S VAM-3A|1888-S VAM-3A1]] Near Date, Doubled 8, Clashed Obverse n & st (Super CD: [[Elite Clashed Morgan Dollars]])[[image:FullLfcp-Coin_CAMERAicon.jpg]]<br />[[image:cameraNew Camera.jpg]][[1888-S VAM-3A2]] Doubled 8, Clashed Obverse st[[image:FullLfcp-Coin_CAMERAicon.jpg]]<br />[[image:cameraNew Camera.jpg]][[1888-S VAM-3B]] Doubled 8, Clashed Obverse n[[image:FullLfcp-Coin_CAMERAicon.jpg]]<br />[[image:cameraNew Camera.jpg]][[1888-S VAM-3C]] Double 8, Near Date, Gouge Above RIB[[image:FullLfcp-Coin_CAMERA-REPLACE-PIXicon.jpg]]<br />[[image:cameraNew Camera.jpg]][[1888-S VAM-4]] Over-Polished Wing [[image:FullLfcp-Coin_CAMERAicon.jpg]]<br />[[image:cameraNew Camera.jpg]][[1888-S VAM-5]] Slanted Date<br />[[image:cameraNew Camera.jpg]][[1888-S VAM-5A]] Slanted Date, Die Break Cap '''New 2018'''<br />[[image:cameraNew Camera.jpg]][[1888-S VAM-6]] S/S Upper Bar<br />[[image:cameraNew Camera.jpg]][[1888-S VAM-6A]] S/S Upper Bar, Pitted Reverse ([[Hot 50 Morgan VAMs|Hot 50]] Morgan Vam)[[image:FullLfcp-Coin_CAMERAicon.jpg]]<br />[[image:cameraNew Camera.jpg]][[1888-S VAM-6B]] S/S Upper Bar, Polished Reverse Pitting, Die Gouge Eye Front[[image:Lfcp-icon.jpg]]<br />[[image:cameraNew Camera.jpg]][[1888-S VAM-6C]] S/S Upper Bar, Polished Reverse Pitting, Die Gouge Eye Front, Clashed Obv S & Rev M[[image:FullLfcp-Coin_CAMERAicon.jpg]]<br />[[image:cameraNew Camera.jpg]][[1888-S VAM-6D]] S/S Upper Bar, Polished Reverse Pitting, Clashed Obverse s[[image:Lfcp-icon.jpg]]<br />[[image:cameraNew Camera.jpg]][[1888-S VAM-7]] Doubled 18-8<br />[[image:cameraNew Camera.jpg]][[1888-S VAM-8]] Doubled Stars, S/S<br />[[image:white_camera_Black_Border04112011New White Camera.jpg]][[1888-S VAM-9]] Doubled 18-8, S/S<br />[[image:cameraNew Camera.jpg]][[1888-S VAM-10]] Doubled Ear Bottom[[image:Lfcp-icon.jpg]]<br />[[image:cameraNew Camera.jpg]][[1888-S VAM-10A]] Doubled Ear Bottom, Reverse File Lines<br />[[image:cameraNew Camera.jpg]][[1888-S VAM-11]] S/S<br />[[image:white_camera_Black_Border04112011New White Camera.jpg]][[1888-S VAM-12B]] S/S Upper Bar, Polished Reverse Pitting, Die Gouge Eye Front<br />[[image:cameraNew Camera.jpg]][[1888-S VAM-13]] Doubled Left Wreath, Monster Gouged Eagle ([[HitList40 VAMs|Hit List 40]] and [[WOW! VAMs|WOW!]] Morgan Vam)[[image:Full-Coin_CAMERA-p-n(1)-horz.jpg]] [[image:WOW-FullLfcp-Coin CAMERAicon.jpg]] <br />[[image:cameraNew Camera.jpg]][[1888-S VAM-14]] Doubled Upper Right Obverse, S/S Upper Loop[[image:FullLfcp-Coin_CAMERAicon.jpg]]<br />[[image:cameraNew Camera.jpg]][[1888-S VAM-14A]] Doubled Upper Right Obverse, S/S Upper Loop Die Break Rt 8[[image:FullLfcp-Coin_CAMERAicon.jpg]]<br />[[image:cameraNew Camera.jpg]][[1888-S VAM-15]] S/S Spike, Doubled Lower Reverse<br />[[image:cameraNew White Camera.jpg]][[1888-S VAM-16]] S/S Curved Line <br />
= List of Past VAM Assignments =

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