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1885-O VAM-12

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Former VAM-35 Plate Photos:
=1885-O VAM-12 O/O Dash Under 8, Thread Impression Upper Lip Left= Discovered by Janis Curiskis, September 1977. "Rediscovered" / Revised April 2011, Brent Fogelberg, Revised 2020 Tom Weth <br />'''12 III2 21 24 - C3d (O/O Left) C3a Dash Under 8, Thread Impression Upper Lip (181) I-2 R-5'''<br />'''Obverse III2 21 24 -''' Faint two segments of dash under right 8. Curve thread-like die impression on Liberty head upper lip with ends curving down into mouth. <br />
''Die Marker'' - Vertical die scratch in front of eye.<br />
 '''Reverse C3d C3a -''' III O mint mark re-punched with original showing as a vertical bar on left side of loop opening.<br />'' Die Marker -'' Polishing lines in eagle's wing - neck gap. Formerly listed O/O Left determined to be machine doubling on EDS. III O mint mark set slightly left, but within normal tolerance.<br />
'''Comments:''' <br />
'''1.''' Note from LVA 13 Nov 09, " VAM-12 O/O Left is also likely machine doubling. *Note from LVA, April,16,2011* "85-O raw - VAM 12 ''revised''. Yes, looks like bar in left side of O m/m opening of VAM 12 pictured in VAM book. Had been wondering if it was machine doubling but don't see any evidence of it on other letters or devices. So looks like re-punched O m/m & I've identified some die markers. '''Nice''' DMPL!"<br />
2. As noted above, available in PL/DMPL.<br />
'''Threads:''' <br /># [ 2020 Revision letter] <br /> 
= LVA Plate Photos: =
[[image:Scan_Pic0030.jpg |300px]] [[image:Scan_Pic0028.jpg |300px]] [[image:Scan_Pic0029.jpg |300px]]<br />
== Former VAM-35 Plate Photos: ==
<gallery mode="packed" widths=285px heights=285px perrow=4>
1885-O VAM-35 LVA lplate photo 1.jpg
1885-O VAM-35 LVA lplate photo 2.jpg
1885-O VAM-35 LVA lplate photo 3.jpg
1885-O VAM-35 LVA lplate photo 4.jpg
1885-O VAM-35 LVA lplate photo 5.jpg
</gallery >
= Additional Photos: =
= Full Coin Photos =
[[1885-O VAM-12#TOP|Top]]<br />

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