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1882-S VAMs

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Official VAM Listing
[[image:New Camera.jpg]] [[1882-S VAM-32]] Doubled 882<br />
[[image:white_camera_Black_Border04112011.jpg]][[1882-S VAM-33]] Doubled 82<br />
[[image:cameraNew Camera.jpg]] [[1882-S VAM-34]] Doubled Date, S Set Left & Tilted Left, Die Gouge O, Acid Treated Designer's Initial [[image:Lfcp-icon.jpg]]<br />[[image:cameraNew Camera.jpg]][[1882-S VAM-35]] Concave Obverse, S Tilted Far Left [[image:Lfcp-icon.jpg]]<br />[[image:cameraNew Camera.jpg]][[1882-S VAM-36]] Concave Obverse, S Tilted Left [[image:Lfcp-icon.jpg]]<br />[[image:cameraNew Camera.jpg]][[1882-S VAM-37]] Doubled 2 and Cap Top, Concave Obverse *New 2018*<br />
= List of Past VAM Assignments =

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