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1883-O VAM-36

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1883-O VAM-36 Doubled 18-3, Dash Under 8
Discovered by Martin Field, September 1983.<br />
'''36 III2 19 C3a (Doubled 18-3, Dash Under 8) (181) I-2 R-3'''<br />
'''Obverse III2 19''' - Doubled 18-3 in date with 1 doubled at top left of upper crossbar as two notches and at bottom of lower crossbar with notch at right. First , left 8 slightly doubled at top inside of upper loop. Lower loop of and 3 doubled on the slightly in middle bottom insideof lower loop. Clashed die with partial incuse top corner of D showing below I of PLURIBUS and slightly doubled curved line of O at right side of right wheat grain stalk of DOLLAR from reverseTiny dash under second 8 0n early strike specimens. '''''Die marker-''''' Die chips inside ear.<br />
'''Comments:'''<br />
image:RRH_031818_Obv_Inner_Ear_Detail.jpg|Now the crud in the ear. This woman did not wash before the impression.
[[image:RRH_031818_Obv_Inner_Ear_Detail.jpg | 400px]]<br>
Crud in the ear.
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