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1890-S VAMs

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Past Assignments
[[image:camera.jpg]][[1890 S LFCP VNA]]<br />
===Past Assignments===
[[image:VAM-Delisted.jpg]]1890-S VAM-1D Skipped<br />
[[image:VAM-Delisted.jpg]][[1890-S VAM-1H]] Polishing lines Face, Gouge Leg (Reclassified see [[1890-S VAM-35|VAM-35 ]]2016)<br />
[[image:VAM-Delisted.jpg]][[1890-S VAM-29A]] S/S Left, Die Break Wing ([[WOW! VAMs|WOW!]] Morgan VAM)(same as VAM29 revised)<br />
[[image:VAM-Delisted.jpg]][[1890-S VAM-30A]] Doubled Profile, S/S Lower Loop, Die Chips Reverse '''*Eliminated 2016* same as VAM 30 revised'''<br />
[[image:VAM-Delisted.jpg]][[1890-S VAM-39]] Far Date, Doubled Ear, S Set Right (Eliminated, Became 22A)<br />
[[image:VAM-Delisted.jpg]][[1890-S VAM-39A]] Far Date, Doubled Ear, S Set Right, Die Break Left Wreath [[image:Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg]] (Eliminated, Became 22B)<br />
'''= Legend:'''<br />=
[[image:camera.jpg]] Photos of diagnostics shown on page.<br />
[[image:Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg]] Photos of full coin shown on page.<br />

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