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VAM Of The Week

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[[1882-P VAM-35]] (Doubled 1-2, Die Gouge M)<br />
[[1900-S VAM-24|1900-S VAM-24]] Privately made (Near Date, Doubled Ear & E DOLLA)<br />
[[1882-P VAM-28]] (Dot 2, Possible 8 in Denticles, Gouges 1-2 Left Stars)<br />
[[1878-P VAM-187]] (Doubled R, 878)<br />
[[1921-D VAM-1AR]] (Die Break AM #2)<br />
[[1878-S VAM-103]] Die 5 (Die Chip E)<br />
[[1887-P VAM-1H]] (Die Break Wing Top)<br />
[[1902-O VAM-90A]] (Doubled Profile & Reverse Lettering, Near Date, High O, 2 IN Denticles)<br />
[[1922-D VAM-2A2]] (Die Breaks Y, TRV & IN & Hair Bun Plus RT)<br />
[[1884-P VAM-2A]] (Far Date, Dash Under 8, Clashed Obverse n & st, Reverse E & M)<br />
[[1892-O VAM-4B]] (Doubled 8 & Hair Split Ends, High O, Clashed Obverse n & st)<br />
[[1900-O VAM-10]] (O/CC Low, Doubled Peripheral Reverse, Near Date)<br />
[[1886-O VAM-19A|1886-O VAM-19A]] (Doubled 18, O Tilted Left, Clashed Reverse TY)<br />
[[1878-S VAM-114|1878-S VAM-114]] (Doubled eyelid with Spike, Doubled D,Die Gouge Ribbon)<br />
[[1880-P VAM-25B|1880-P VAM-25B]] Vs. [[1880-P VAM-25C|1880-P VAM-25C]] (Mega Clashers)<br />
[[1887-P VAM-3A|1887-P VAM-3A]] (Near Date, Doubled 1-7, Clashed Obverse n, t, Reverse M)<br />
[[1879-P VAM-84|1879-P VAM-84]] (Doubled 1-9, Tripled/Quadrupled Stars)<br />
[[1885-O VAM-25A]] (Faint Dash Under 8, Breaks Top of Cap & RI)<br />
[[1882-O VAM-3A]] (Doubled 82, Open 2, O/S "Flush", Clashed Obverse us)<br />
[[1891-O VAM-14A|1891-O VAM-14A]] (Doubled Bow, Clashed Obverse n, God We, Reverse M)<br />

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