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1878-S VAM-104

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=1878-S VAM-104 Die Gouges Lower Hair _ & Wing, Engraved Wing Feather=
Discovered by Larry Briggs, July 2006.<br />
<br />
'''104 II 1 · B2be(Die Gouges Lower Hair _ & Wing, Engraved Wing Feather) (184) I-2 R-5'''<br />
'''Obverse II 1–''' Short die gouge in hair space above 7 and two short die scratches in space above lower hair right vee. Fourth right star broken.<br />
'''Reverse B2be–''' Feather engraved between eagle’s right wing and leg. Small III S mint mark set slightly left. Long vertical die gouge in upper part of eagle’s left wing thru the bottom of 2-5 feathers from top and some fine short die scratches in eagle’s left wing. Die polish lines in fields, some heavy. R in Trust not broken.<br />
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