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1878-P VAM-140

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1878-P VAM-140 Doubled P, Partially Open O
Revised 2010, Revised 2014 by 4SDAIR EDS Specimen<br />
'''140 (revised) II/I 18 - B2b (Partially Open O) (180, 189) I-2 R-4'''<br />
'''Obverse II/I 18 -''' Earliest Die state used with reverse Die 1 before reverse polished die scratches.<br />Latest die state after use with VAM-116 with fine crack from 1-2 left stars to 18.<br />
'''Reverse B2b -''' Same as B2a, but with hub break fill which leaves open the upper part of o of God.<br />
'''Die 1 -''' Die not over polished. Earlier die state than later use as VAM-140A with die scratches.and also before VAM-140 D2<br />

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