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1879-S VAM-94

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=1879-S VAM-94Doubled 9, Acid Treated Left and Right Wheat Leaves= Discovery, December 26, 2015 by Brian Raines<br />. Revised 11/2018<br />'''94 III 2 3 * C3ak (Doubled 9, Acid Treated Left and Right Wheat Leaves) (183) I-3 R-5'''<br />
'''Obverse III2 3 -''' Slightly doubled left outside of 9 upper loop and tiny amount on lower loop. Over polished lower hair edge and back of hair below cap. (Same die as VAM-1E but re-basined removing acid treated areas at lower hair edge. Stars and 9 fuller struck showing die doubling on 9.)<br />
'''Reverse C3ak''' - Acid treated leaves to strengthen them in left and right wreaths opposite ON, U, NI, of UNITED and at right L and R of DOLLAR plus left wreath stem at wreath bow with rough surfaces, raised dots and lines. Shallow peripheral lettering.<br />
'''Comments:'''<br />
 '''Threads:'''<br /># [ Thread and letter from LVA]<br />= LVA Plate Photos == Additional Photos ==== Main pick-ups ===Discovery coin shown<gallery mode=packed widths=400 heights=300 style="text-align: left">jb_79sv94-2.jpg|Pitting in RTYjb_79sv94-7.jpg|Retouched leaves above ONE</gallery>=== Secondary pick-ups ===Discovery coin shown<gallery mode=packed widths=300 heights= Additional 200 style="text-align: left">jb_79sv94-1.jpg|Lines in cap recessjb_79sv94-3.jpg|Pitting behind nosejb_79sv94-4.jpg|Doubled 9 on leftjb_79sv94-5.jpg|Retouched leaves by ITjb_79sv94-6.jpg|Retouched leaves by Ujb_79sv94-8.jpg</gallery>= Full Coin Photos ==
[[1879-S VAM-94#TOP|Top]]<br />

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