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1904-P VAM-9

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1904-P VAM-9 Double Profile
=1904-P VAM-9Double Profile= New Listings Discovery 2016<br />
'''9 III2 8 - C4a (Double Profile ) (?) I-2 R-5'''<br />
'''Obverse III2 8 -''' Slightly doubled profile of Liberty head from forehead down to neck.<br />
'''Comments:'''<br />
'''1.''' On the 1904-P VAM-9 Die #2 there are three very good die markers on the obverse. <br />
'''A.''' Polishing lines in ear. <br />
'''B.''' Polishing lines below ear lobe. <br >
'''C.''' Strong polishing line at the end of the cap ribbon. <br />
'''Threads:'''<br />
= LVA Plate Photos: =
These VAM Plates are for VAM-9 Die 1 unless specifically marked as Die 2,<br />
[[image:Scan1904-v9-2plate.jpg |330px ]]<br />
= Additional Photos: =
==1904-P VAM-9 Die #2==
Click on each photo to enlarge it, then click the back arrow to return. <br />
<gallery mode="packed" widths=300px heights=300px perrow=3>
1904-P VAM-9 Polishing Bar Neck.jpg|Polishing bar neck.
1904-P VAM-9 Polishing Bar Neck 2.jpg|Polishing bar neck.
1904-P VAM-9 Polishing Lines Ear.jpg|Polishing lines in ear.
1904-P VAM-9 Polishing Lines Ear 2.jpg|Polishing lines in ear.
1904-P VAM-9 Polishing Lines Below Ear.jpg|Polishing lines below ear lobe.
1904-P VAM-9 Polishing Cap Ribbion.jpg
|Strong polishing lines at end of cap ribbon.
= Full Coin Photos =
'''1904-P VAM-9 Die #2 Full Coin Photo's''' <br />
<gallery mode="slideshow">
1904-P VAM-9 Obverse.jpg|'''1904-P VAM-9 Die #2 Obverse'''
1904-P VAM-9 Reverse.jpg|'''1904-P VAM-9 Die #2 Reverse'''
8/2017<br />
[[1904-P VAM-9#TOP|Top]]<br />

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