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1898-S VAM-8A

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Additional Photos:
[[image:RBF1898-SV8A-1.jpg |720px |frame|left|Gouges!!!]]<br style="clear:both;">
[[image:RBF1898-SV8A-2.jpg |720px ]]<br />
[[image:RBF1898-SV8A-3.jpg |720px ]]<br />
[[image:RBF1898-SV8A-4.jpg |720px |frame|left|Note the unlisted doubling at the top of the second 8. It all but disappears with the reworking of the die before the 1898-S VAM8 was produced.]]<br style="clear:both;">
[[image:RBF1898-SV8A-7.jpg |720px |frame|left|That is a gouge not a clash!]]<br style="clear:both;">
[[image:RBF1898-SV8A-8.jpg |720px ]]<br />
[[image:RBF1898-SV8A-9.jpg |720px ]]<br />
[[image:RBF1898-SV8A-10.jpg |720px ]]<br />
[[image:RBF1898-SV8A-11.jpg |720px |frame|left|See 1898-S VAM4!]]<br style="clear:both;">
[[image:RBF1898-SV8A-12.jpg |720px ]]<br />
[[image:RBF1898-SV8A-13.jpg |720px ]]<br />
= Full Coin Photos =
'''2 Sets''' Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-8A Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy '''©'''[[ Heritage Auctions]] '''ATTRIBUTED BY Ron Hagler'''<br />

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