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1878-P VAM-140

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1878-P VAM-140 Doubled P, Partially Open O
'''Die 2 -''' Die over polished in area of wing feathers and eagle's right wing missing next to leg<br />
Early die state which was later used with [[1878-P VAM-144|VAM-144]] .<br />
 '''Comments:''' <br />'''1.''' [[Progression of Obverse II I 18]]<br />'''1-2.''' '''Vampicker comments:''' The VAM 140 description was revised in correspondence from Leroy Van Allen dated Feb 28, 2010. The two reverse dies previously grouped into this listing were separated into VAMs 140 and 140A when a study of the obverse die's progression revealed the entire VAM 116 marriage progression occurred between the two marriages with B2b reverse dies. VAM 140 is now defined as the latest use of the II/I 18 obverse paired with an earlier use of the exact reverse of [[1878-P VAM-144|VAM-144]] .<br />
Coins previously identified as VAM 140 should be re-examined to confirm the attribution. All examples of VAM 140 Die 2 have a fairly long crack from the inner points of the first two left stars thru the point of the bust and the digits 18 of the date. No example of [[1878-P VAM-140A]] or VAM-140 Die1 will have this crack, as it was the earliest use of this obverse. This crack is also visible on VAM-116C.<br />
140 Die 1<br />
'''1-.''' Reeds ( )<br />
140 Die 2<br />
'''1-.''' VAM-140 Die 2 Shares the exact reverse as [[1878-P VAM-144|VAM-144]], In addition, the reverse should be either PL or DMPL. The earliest die states of VAM 144, which use the same reverse are 2-sided PL, which would infer a short paring with the II/I 18 obverse.<br />'''2-.''' Reeds ( )<br />
'''Threads:'''<br />
'''1-.''' 4SDAIRS 2014 Revision Thread<br /> 
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Reverse Die 1<br />

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