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1899-S VAM-17

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'''Obverse III2 8-''' Date slanted with right 9 higher than 1 and in normal lateral position. Open 9's. Obverse also found with VAM-15.<br />
'''Reverse C3d-''' Wide large S mint mark tilted to right with wide spike at top.<br />
'''Comments:'''<br />
'''1-.''' This reverse shared with [[1899-S VAM-4|VAM-4]] , [[1899-S VAM-6|VAM-6]], and VAM-17.<br />'''2-.''' LDS Specimens have a chip on left wreath see 1st set of LFCP's<br /> 
'''Threads:'''<br />
== LVA Plate Photos =: === Additional Photos =: =
This image coming off the fabulous [[ Shrike Set of Morgans]] would be considered EDS (Early Die State). Photo is from Heritage Full Coin Photos below.<br />
[[image:1899-S_RonH_Spiked_MM_EDS.jpg]]<br />
[[image:1899-S-V17-LDS-MHI-OBV-6comps.jpg |1000px]]<br />
== Full Coin Photos ==
Large Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-17 LDS Images© on loan to VAMworld [[ courtesy]] [[image:SB_18_logo.png]]'''®''' ATTRIBUTED BY '''ANACS''' [[image:ANACS_LOGO3.jpg |link=]]<br />
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