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1921-P VAM-41B

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Additional Photos:
[[image:1921p_vam1a.jpg]]<br />
Die states with the major polishing lines are just fantastic! These photos do not even do it justice. Seek one to see in person. Awesome!<br />
[[image:1921-P_VAM-41_die_polishing_lines2.jpg |375px]][[image:1921-P_VAM-41_pitting2.jpg |375px]]<br />[[image:1921-P_VAM-41_NE.jpg |375px]][[image:1921-P_VAM-41_bow.jpg |383px ]]<br />[[image:1921-P_VAM-41_N.jpg |384px ]][[image:1921-P_VAM-41_AR.jpg |375px]]<br />[[image:1921-P_VAM-41scribb.jpg |375px]][[image:ja1921PV41Btail_(2).jpg |375px]]<br />[[image:ja21-41b-O.jpg |375px]][[image:ja21-41b-A.jpg |375px]]<br />
Nate found the 41B with a strike thru on the date: [[ Discussion]]<br />
[[image:nlm-1921p-v41b-061413-obv1.JPG |400px]][[image:nlm-1921p-v41b-061413-obv2.JPG |400px ]]<br /> 
= Full Coin Photos =
Large Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-41B Images© on loan to VAMworld [[ courtesy]] [[image:SB_18_logo.png]]'''®''' ATTRIBUTED BY '''ANACS''' [[image:ANACS_LOGO3.jpg]]<br />

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