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1904-O VAM-28A

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'''Obverse III21–''' Clashed die with partial G of God of reverse at front of neck. Rotated reverse of 10° CCW caused clash die marks shift. Same die as VAM 2A.<br />
'''Reverse C4j–''' Later die states show polished die. ''Die marker:'' Horizontal die polishing line below LA.<br />
'''Comments:'''<br />
'''1-.''' Nicknamed the "Trigger" for the two curved lines in front of Miss Liberty's neck that look like they were made for a finger to squeeze. They are the remains of the strongest clashed "G" that can be found in the Morgan Dollar series. Other varieties have more of the "G" showing, but none have the depth of detail of the 28A. This VAM is the first of the clashed "G" type varieties discovered, and is part of the Super CD collection.<br />'''2-.''' The "G" letter clash was the result of both clashing and clockwise rotation. The clashing occurred in a very early die state, resulting in a very well defined letter transfer. This also means that the 28A is one of the few clashed die varieties that can be found in DMPL (Deep Mirror Proof Like) condition.<br />='''Threads:''' <br /> = LVA Plate Photos =: =
[[image:1904-O_VAM-28A_Clashed_Die_G.jpg]][[image:1904-O_VAM-28A_Clashed_G.jpg]]<br />
[[image:1904-O VAM-28A Dbld Rev Legend & Motto.jpg]]<br />
== Additional Photos =: =
Horizontal Die Polishing Line Below LA<br />
[[image:SWH2_1904O_VAM28A_REV_LA.jpg]]<br />
One of only a few clashed dies that can be found in DMPL condition<br />
[[image:SWH2_1904O_VAM28A_OBVM.jpg |450px]][[image:SWH2_1904O_VAM28A_REVM.jpg |450px]]<br />
== Full Coin Photos ==
Large Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-28A Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy '''©'''[[ Heritage Auctions]]'''ATTRIBUTED BY''' '''John Roberts''' at '''ANACS''' [[image:ANACS_LOGO3.jpg]]<br />
John Roberts is the Director of Attribution Services at ANACS, a prolific writer of award winning coin articles and books and we're so happy to have him contribute here in this forum as VAMpicker. This is just one of his many discoveries in the Morgan Dollar series<br />

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