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1885-O VAM-24

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→‎Additional Photos:
''Die marker-'' Diagonal polishing lines in eagle's wing-neck gap.<br />
''Die marker-'' Four raised smooth die gouges left side of eagle's right leg.<br />
'''Comments:'''<br />
'''1-.''' This obverse may be shared with [[1885-O VAM-20|VAM-20]].<br />'''2-.''' Horizontal die gouge in the hair to the right of ear and die chip on upper lip.<br />'''3-.''' C3f reverse of VAM-16<br />'''4-.''' Likely a number of die combos for VAM-24 (LVA)<br />'''5.''' Some of the specimens of this VAM come with the Belly Button striking error. See definitions from the home page. <br />  '''Thread:''' <br />'''1.''' '''[ Letter from LVA with comments on the "belly button" feature on eagle's breast feathers.]'''<br />== LVA Plate Photos =: =
[[image:NLM-1885O-V24-05202017-PlatePhotos-Collage-1.jpg |880px ]]<br />
[[image:weth_LVAplate_85OV24.jpg]]<br />
== Additional Photos : =Click on each photo to enlarge it, then click the back arrow to return. <br /><gallery mode="packed" widths=375px heights=375px perrow=3>[[image:1885-O_VAM_24_Photo_1.jpg]]<br />|'''Reverse C3f–Doubled ear'''1885-O_VAM_24_Photo_2.jpg|''' Slight doubling on bottom of arrow feathers, shafts and heads. III O mint mark shifted slightly right.<br />'''[[image:1885O VAM-O_VAM_24_Photo_224 BellyButton.jpg]]|'''Belly Button'''<br /gallery>== Full Coin Photos ==
Large Full Coin Photo VAM-24 Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy [[ Algot.Stephenson]] '''ATTRIBUTED BY'''[[image:Untitled-TrueColor-1xxx.jpg |link=]]<br />
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