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1878-S VAM-36

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=1878-S VAM-36 "Dragon Scales" Engraved Wing Feather, Acid Treated Feathers=
Discovered by David DeRuiter, November 1979. Coin courtesy of Jim Hart. Revised 2012.<br />
This coin is a Top 30 1878-S Variety and a [[WOW! VAMs|WOW!]] Morgan VAM.<br />
'''36 ('''revised''') II1-B2x (Engraved Wing Feather, Acid Treated Feathers) (184) I-5 R-5'''<br />
'''Obverse II1 -'''<br />
'''Die 1''' - Two raised dots inside ear. Fourth right star broken. Slight doubling of lower serif of B in PLURIBUS and front of|Liberty band.<br />
= LVA Plates Photos: =
[[image:1878-S_VAM_36_Eng_Wing_Feather.jpg]][[image:1878-S_VAM_36_Eng_Wing_Left.jpg]][[image:1878-S_VAM_36_Eng_Wing_Rt.jpg]]<br /> 
= Additional Photos: =
[[image:1878-S-V36D1-COMPS.jpg]]<br />

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