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1900-O VAM-22

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1900-O VAM-22 Very Near Date, O Tilted Right
'''Obverse III23–''' Date set much further left than normal. Three long die scratches from rim between UM in UNUM. Same counterfeit die as used for 1900 O VAM 5 micro O. Same indents in field at top of cap and upper right of right 0 in date as [[1900-O VAM-5]].<br />
'''Reverse C3a–''' Medium III O mint mark. Rounded design where it meets field. Counterfeit cast die of possibly copy of [[1899-O VAM-2]] reverse with same slight tilt to right of mint mark.<br />
[[image:]][[image:]][[image:]][[image:]][[image:1900-O VAM-22 Wing Edge.jpg]]<br />

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