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1922-D VAM-2N

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=[[#Top]]1922-D VAM-2N '''Die Break Behind Hair'''=
Discovered by Eric Justice, June 2001.<br />
'''2N II 1 B2a (Die Break Behind Hair) I-3 R-6'''<br />
'''Obverse II 1-''' Vertical die crack from top of hair bun down thru field to rear hair strands with die break at top right of upper rear hair strand.<br />
'''Comments:'''<br />
# The radial die crack at the 1 happens before the break behind the hair is full. Coins without the full break behind the hair would be considered early die stages.
'''Threads:'''<br />
'''1 -''' #<br />
== LVA Plate Photos ==
== Additional Photos ==
[[image:<gallery widths=400 heights=300 mode=packed>1922-D-2N-jbc-obv1.jpg |415px]][[image:1922-D-2N-jbc-obv2.jpg |415px]]<br />[[image:1922vam2n_a.jpg 1922vam2n_b.jpg |570px]]<br />Vertical die break parallel to the 1 is unique.<br />[[image:1922vam2n_b.jpg |415px]][[image:jae_1922d_2n.2.jpg |415px]]<br />[[image:jae_1922d_2n.3.jpg |450px]][[image:1922-D-2N-jbc-D.jpg ]]<br />[[image:pjm1922dvamunknowncloseup1.jpg |415px]][[image:pjm1922dvamunknowncloseup2.jpg |415px]]<br /gallery>
== Full Coin Photos ==
2 full Full coin copyrighted© VAM-2N images below on loan to VAMworld courtesy of photos © '''WindyCity''' and attributed , used with permission. Attributed by '''BrianRaines'''<br />
<gallery mode="slideshow">

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