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Rmg 1883O 081414

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1883-O VAM-36A Doubled 18-3, Partial E on Reverse, Clashed Obverse DO
'''36A'''(revised) '''III2 19 · C3a (Doubled 18-3, Partial E on Reverse, Clashed Obverse DO) (181) I-4 R-6''' '''Obverse III2 19–''' Clashed die with partial incuse top corner of D showing below I of PLURIBUS and slightly doubled curved line of O at right side of right wheat grain stalk of DOLLAR from reverse. '''Reverse C3a–''' Clashed die with partial raised E from obverse LIBERTY showing below eagle’s tail feathers on left side. Vertical bar and middle serif of E shows. Same die as [[1883-O VAM-22A|1883-O VAM-22A]].<br />
'''Comments:'''* The early die state of this VAM can be identified by the clashing above the cap on the obverse, the pitted inside of the ear, and the E clash on the reverse. The EDS differs from the MDS 36A in that the EDS has a more prominent E clash, and also there is no additional clashing on the obverse aside from the clashing above the cap. Also, the reverse of the EDS V36A shows polish lines in the fields especially above the eagle's wings and around head. The bridge crack above the mint mark is not present on earlier die states. A very faint back of cap clash can be found at the tip of the right wreath on the reverse, but all other clashing was effectively polished away (except for E and wheat clashes near mint mark).<br />
* Die Progression Analysis Link: - [[File:]]]]<br />
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